Entry Guide


  • Originality and creativity will be rewarded as well as technical skill. Poster designs need to inform as well as appeal


  • Must have been made within the last twelve months
  • Most knitting should be lightly pressed


  • Gooseberries, raspberries, currants, loganberries and strawberries should be picked with a good piece of stalk attached, and are best cut with scissors.
  • Raspberries are shown complete with plug.
  • Currants should include all the berries on the stem including the large single ones nearest to the branch.



  • These must state type, month and year.
  • Pots must be filled to the top of the jar and the cellophane should be sealed tight and neatly trimmed around the neck of the jar.
  • Wax discs should be trimmed to fit the rim of the jar and the surface of the preserve.


  • Must be at least six to eight weeks old before showing.
  • All must have vinegar-proof seal, e.g. glass or plastic lid or screw top, not cellophane jam pot cover.
  • All preserve jars for showing should have clear sides, not ribbed, and no brand names or numbers on them.


  • Should show no marks on surface from cooking rack, etc.